WorldCraft: Block Craft Spiele

WorldCraft: Block Craft Spiele

安装量 43M+

分类 冒险应用
更新日期 2022-10-13
版本 v3.8.6
Available on Google Play
系统要求 Android 4.4+

关于 WorldCraft: Block Craft Spiele

🤞WorldCraft: Block Craft Spiele (Package Name: com.craftgames.worldcrft) 由 Playlabs, LLC 开发,最新版本3.8.6 更新于 2022-10-13。WorldCraft: Block Craft Spiele 属于 冒险应用 类别 .你可以在Android上查看WorldCraft: Block Craft Spiele 的开发者的所有应用,这个应用是免费的。🌹 此应用程序可以通过在ApkDowner 或 Google Play 上进行下载安装运行,此APP版本适用于Android 4.4+版本之上。APKDowner.com上的所有APK应用文件都是原始文件,并且100%安全,下载速度更快😋

Gaming has evolved tremendously over the years, providing us with immersive experiences that transport us to different dimensions and worlds. One such game that promises an exceptional adventure is "WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft". This app combines the thrill of exploration with creative freedom, enabling players to build and interact with a 3D world like never before.

Unleash Your Creativity

With "WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft", players are given the power to shape their own virtual reality. The app provides a wide range of tools and resources to construct stunning structures, from majestic castles to quaint cottages. Imagination is the only limit as you sculpt landscapes, build bridges, and design entire cities.

The game boasts an easy-to-use interface, allowing players to navigate through various terrains effortlessly. Whether you're on a mobile device or a tablet, the touch controls provide a seamless gaming experience, making building and exploring a breeze.

Conquer Exciting Challenges

While exploring your self-created universe is fascinating, "WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft" takes it a step further by entwining thrilling challenges throughout the game. Players can embark on quests, complete missions, and gather resources to unlock special features and upgrades.

Additionally, players can engage in multiplayer mode, competing with friends and other gamers from around the globe. Collaborate on projects, form alliances, or engage in friendly competition to prove your creative prowess and leadership skills.

How to Play "WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft"

1. Start by downloading and installing the "WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft" app from your preferred app store.

2. Upon opening the app, you will be greeted by a visually captivating main menu. Various options such as Play, Multiplayer, and Settings will be available.

3. Begin by selecting the Play mode. Choose from different gameplay options like Creative or Survival modes. Creative mode offers unlimited resources to build to your heart's content, while Survival mode challenges you to gather materials and survive in a dynamic environment.

4. Once in the game, you'll find yourself in a randomly generated world. Utilize the virtual D-pad or touch controls to navigate through the terrain.

5. To build structures, select the building block from your inventory by tapping on it. Place the block by tapping on the desired location in the game world.

6. Explore the world to find valuable resources like wood, stone, and minerals. These resources are essential for crafting and construction.

7. To craft items, open your inventory and select the crafting table. Use the available resources to create tools, weapons, and other items that aid in your survival or building endeavors.

8. Engage in quests, missions, or multiplayer mode to enhance your gaming experience and challenge your creativity.

Remember, "WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft" is a game that encourages exploration, creativity, and interaction. Immerse yourself in a virtual world where you become the creator and the architect of new realities. Enjoy the limitless possibilities and embark on thrilling adventures!

★ Willkommen bei WorldCraft das von Tausenden Spielern gespielt wird ★

Kreativ Mehrspieler oder Überleben Spiele Kostenlos.

This is mine, survival, block craft game online.
Start multi crafting and building of your mini world 3D and share it to multiplayer. Join exciting exploration games.

★ Thousands of MINI WORLD for lite exploration
★ OPEN WORLD SURVIVAL: mine resources, fight mobs
★ Totally for free
★ MASTER CRAFTING AND BUILDING recipes for food, blocks, items, armor etc.
★ Differerent animals
★ ADOPT PETS like wolf, ocelot
★ Ride horse
★ Wide variety of weapon: bow, tnt, snowballs
★ 10+ predefined maps to start crafting and building
★ 3D HD graphics, 4+ block texture packs, cute sounds

Game modes:
►CREATIVE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER: Build a dream mini world 3D alone or with many other real friends. Upload the map from single player to online. Protect your map with a password to play only with friends or upload it as a read-only, so others will not edit your mini world. Here you can find thousands of maps created by others. Find cool ideas to create fantastic cube creations like city, village etc. Create and share with no limit for creativity!

►SURVIVAL OPEN WORLD SINGLE PLAYER: Start with cube world exploration, mine resources, block craft items, build a shelter to hide at nights from monsters. Improve your main skills by using different recipes. Interact with friendly mobs, grow plants, make exciting farm.

►CREATIVE SINGLE PLAYER: Develop your creative mindcraft skills alone. Here you will find 10+ predefined maps to start building my mini world. Create anything according your imagination.

This is a free crafting and building, exploration survival craft, mine without limits for multi creative or kraft needs. Customize your character using 300+ skins grouped by theme. Meet friends all around the world.

Games Highlights:
* Amazing 3D creations
* Fun Lite Exploration
* Friendly Atmosphere
* Block craft & chat in real time
* Lots of animals
* Attacking hostile mobs
* Different weapon

JOIN NOW exploration crafting and building games with survival for free 3D. Mine and block craft, create unforgettable happy moments together in the best online multi player.

WorldCraft: Block Craft Spiele 更新

New version! Update the game and tell your friends to start playing together now!
- Fixed problem when you get error during the first shop visit in the game
- Improved rewarded videos logic
- Added support for external memory card installation
- Multiplayer network and 3D FPS performance improvements

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WorldCraft: Block Craft Spiele (v3.8.6)

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WorldCraft: Block Craft Spiele (v3.8.5)

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WorldCraft: Block Craft Spiele (v3.8.2)

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WorldCraft: Block Craft Spiele (v3.8.1)

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