Minion Rush: Running Game

Minion Rush: Running Game

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分类 休闲应用
更新日期 2022-02-03
版本 v8.3.1a
Available on Google Play
系统要求 Android 5.0+

关于 Minion Rush: Running Game

🤞Minion Rush: Running Game (Package Name: 由 Gameloft SE 开发,最新版本8.3.1a 更新于 2022-02-03。Minion Rush: Running Game 属于 休闲应用 类别 .你可以在Android上查看Minion Rush: Running Game的开发者的所有应用,这个应用是免费的。🌹 此应用程序可以通过在ApkDowner 或 Google Play 上进行下载安装运行,此APP版本适用于Android 5.0+版本之上。APKDowner.com上的所有APK应用文件都是原始文件,并且100%安全,下载速度更快😋

About Minion Rush

Illumination, Universal, and Gameloft have teamed up to bring you Minion Rush, a family-friendly endless runner game where you’ll dash off with the Minions on a series of secret missions for Gru and the gang.
Whether you race through the neighbourhood, dodge traps in the Lab, or jump into supervillain hideouts, there’s always new adventures and challenges. Maybe you’ll run into El Macho, play a game with Margo and the girls, or learn to be the greatest Minion Secret Agent of all time.
Endless Running with the Minions
The running isn’t the only thing that’s endless. The Minions have packed this family-friendly action game with exciting missions, levels, items and crazy costumes to dress your Minion however you like. Plus, fresh adventures and content are added constantly, so you never run out of despicable fun.
Top-Secret Stuff
Different stories and prizes can be unlocked by completing Special Missions. But you’ll have to find the Secret Area that’s hidden in each location by using a variety of running skills and acrobatics.
Enter the Minion-verse
Prepare to tear it up in wild locations from throughout the Minions’ history. So you’ll dash through the Anti-Villain League HQ, raid Vector’s lair, hang ten on the beach, and maybe even travel through time.
Collect costumes
Costumes aren’t just cool clothes: They’re your key to victory. Unlock dozens of costumes to access each one’s special ability, like scoring bonus points, extra running speed, or grabbing more bananas. An essential tool for completing difficult missions.
Endless run mode
Have what it takes to be a Top Banana? Compete against players from all over the world in this fun challenge with rising ranks, global leaderboards, and plenty of prizes for all who participate.
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Minion Rush: Running Game 更新

Let’s share the love with a new Valentine’s Day mission and features you’re sure to fall for!
Cold Days, Warm Hearts Special Mission: Gru’s heart belongs to three special girls, and he wants to make the cuddliest gifts imaginable for Edith, Agnes and Margo.
New Pajama Bob Costume: This cozy costume lets you unleash the Mega Minion!
Rent-a-Costume Feature: Watch ads to unlock select costumes for a single run.
VIP Perks Feature: Unlock more costumes (including rare & epic ones) and skip ads.

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