Journify - Audio Journal, Voice Diary, Mood

Journify - Audio Journal, Voice Diary, Mood

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‘Effortless journaling! I didn’t think I would ever betray my notepad’ - Luc
'LOVE IT! I can talk for hours and hours. Sooo therapeutic. And then I can track my real mood over time. ’ - Shamim

Journify makes it so easy to sort through them all with the tags and keyword recognition. And if you're curious about your mood swings and emotions over time, turn on the Mood Analyzer.

Audio journaling lets you speak your mind, helping protect your brain’s health and boosting your productivity! Tap to record at any time and save your clips with tags and notes helping you remember the most important moments. If you're online, Journify automatically transcribes your journal entries for easy reference and sharing. Start building an audio timeline of your life, and/or record your thoughts and memories on the go.

***Security*** We use top encryption standards to keep your recordings safe. No one else apart from you will ever be able to listen to your recordings (unless you choose our sharing functionality).

***Organise your Recordings*** Effortlessly tag, describe and search through your recordings. Never lose track of an idea or important memory again.

***Sharing*** Your encrypted audio and transcript files can be easily shared via any of the apps on your phone (email, SMS, Google Drive, etc).

***Mental Health*** Journaling can boost your mindfulness, improve your sleep, self-confidence, creativity, IQ and more. Journaling has been clinically linked to a healthier mind and improved immune function! To get started, just tap and record whatever comes to mind fist. This could be something that has been on your mind lately, a recollection of ideas, or even just an update of your day. Journify also allows you to add daily mental wellness check-ins to your journal to track your sleep, energy and motivation.

***Combat Burnout*** Burnout creeps up on the best of us. All too often it is too late before we realise its negative effects. Journify helps you recognise and track the early signs of burnout using the in-app burnout assessment.


Imagine one day you’ll be able to listen to your life’s journey, powered by your own voice!

Happy Audio Journaling :)



- Record journal entries easily with a single tap. Click play and pause until you’re ready to save your voice note.
- Organize your timeline with tags and notes.
- Generate transcripts from your recordings, so you also have a written version of your journal entries.
- Share your audio clips or transcripts with important people in your life using your prefered option (SMS, email, Whatsapp, etc) or save a copy of your files on your Google Drive.
- Daily mental wellness check-ins to track your energy, motivation and sleep.
- Burnout test to measure, track and recognise early signs of burnout.



Our community loves audio journaling. We are amazed every day at the new and creative ways they find to use Journify!
To flesh out ideas before presenting them in public.
To record a personal biography or a podcast.
To keep a daily diary.
To channel negative thoughts.
To keep a timeline of voice memories.
To aid in the creative writing process.


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Subscription Pricing and Terms

You can keep using the free version of Journify forever. This gives you up to 5 audio journal entries per month.

With a premium subscription you get unlimited access to journal entries, transcripts and mood analyzer.

Journify offers two premium subscription models: 3.99 per month or 29.99 per year. Contact us directly for group discounts.

NEW USERS: All new users automatically get access to unlimited audio journal entries for 30 days (no credit card required).


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