Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings

安装量 212M+

分类 策略应用
更新日期 2022-10-13
版本 v8.12.0
Available on Google Play
系统要求 Android 4.1+

关于 Clash of Kings

🤞Clash of Kings (Package Name: 由 Elex Wireless 开发,最新版本8.12.0 更新于 2022-10-13。Clash of Kings 属于 策略应用 类别 .你可以在Android上查看Clash of Kings的开发者的所有应用,这个应用是免费的。🌹 此应用程序可以通过在ApkDowner 或 Google Play 上进行下载安装运行,此APP版本适用于Android 4.1+版本之上。APKDowner.com上的所有APK应用文件都是原始文件,并且100%安全,下载速度更快😋

About Clash of Kings

Pioneer of war strategy games "Clash of Kings",, Annual offering - 7th Anniversary Celebration begins today!
Highlight 1: New face for the old city!
Change the old look for the new seven year anniversary castle skin, login to receive the new look for your city (permanent skin)! The new night city is the start of a new era!
Highlight 2: New heroes and new soldiers!
Summon the Dark Night Lords and lead the Dark Night Legion! New heroes and soldiers, new tactical combinations!
Highlight 3: New CoK Chess
CoK Chess! Instant matches, the ultimate experience of live strategic combat!
Highlight 4: Welfare events!
During the anniversary, there will be a lot of rich benefits! Double gift packs, gold fountains, comrades reuniting to share the global feast!
Highlight 5: New Battlefield
Brand new CoK battlefield, international melee, packed with unprecedented intensity and combat!
Connect with Clash of Kings!
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Are you having problems? Send an email to [email protected] to contact us, or contact the Customer Service staff by tapping on the Billboard of your castle.
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Clash of Kings 更新

1. Tactic book
2. Hero card pool update.
-Rogers, Ying Yaoguang, Edgar, and Cassidier Hero card pool opens and rotates daily.
-Black Star hero optional recruitment opens in Song of Legends card pool.
3. Ruin gameplay closed
4. Marching interface optimization
Optimizations: easier to switch the buff items, talents, dragon words, etc. for pre-war preparation.
Event preview.
1. Nine-Colored Deer Gift
October 13 - October 19
2. Blessing of Ancestor
Opens on October 13

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Clash of Kings(v8.10.0)

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