Balochi Urdu Bol Chal

Balochi Urdu Bol Chal

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Learning Langauge Balochi Urdu
Asan Balochi Urdu Bol Chal
Dear brothers and sisters. Assalam-o-alaikum. It is our routine observation over net that so many Baloch fellows specially those, they are living out side from their homeland or living among non-Baluchi gathering does not speak and understand Baluchi.
Learning Balochi with Complete Grammer
Balochi Translation Urdu
You will find following in this App:
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• Learn Balochi with Urdu (اردو) Language
• Easy Navigation with Chapters
• Quick Language Learner Guide
• Sentence or Phrase Sharing with Social Media
• Zoom in Zoom Out
• Good for Students, Travelers, Business Person and Language Learners
• App is completely off-line
• A Brief Guide For new Language Learners
• User Friendly Interface

* The app is completely free with little advertisement support

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???? App is completely off-line
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